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Pizzamonkey13's Home

heyy peeps! i know this website is pizzamonkey13, but is run by me and my bff: alisha68! alisha68 and i (pizzamonkey13) own this website. comment, rate, and send us requests and/or ideas at!!!!!



new pages coming!

answers to tricks:

  • you have to draw a rectangle, and inside it, draw 3 straight lines.
  • leave the first 5 alone with the + sign then, make the second plus sign into a 4, making it look like 5+545=550

My YouTube (alisha68 doesn't have one)

pizzamonkey13 is on youtube SAY WHAAAAAT????! yeah its true im on youtube so check me out!

Pizzamonkey13 Goes Around the World                                                                                           

I make videos about different countries.

All About                                                                                                                                       

I make videos all about celebrities and famous people.

Music Videos                                                                                                                                

I make music videos starring me.

Please check out my videos if you have the time, or check out my friends: 6perfect10, TrustUsWereDoctors, PeanutButter651, and FayGrayClassics.

Thanks people you rock!



My Viewers and Fans

I just want to thank my fans and viewers. I only ask one thing of you guys: give me your ideas and critisizm. However you spell that word. I need some cool ideas and stuff, so it would be great if you helped me out, i'm willing to do anything you want me to.

My account links:

Not very many account links yet. Keep requesting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our Creativeness

On our website we will put on a new recipe, video, craft, and picture each week. we're countning on you guys to request stuff and send us things. The picture below is not to make fun of the Jo Bros, it's to show you how i can make pictures do whatever I want them to look like. Like I can make Nick be a baby, Kevin be a ballerina, and make Joe be a pencil. So request pictures, recipes, and more! My email for requests and comments is:

So send us family recipes, photos, videos, crafts and more! Or just send us a comment!


Hey guys, we don't know how to set up ratings on our website yet, so just email us if you think the video, picture, recipe, or  whatever its you want to rate, is on a scale of 1-10. If you saw a recipe on our page, or a picture or video, and its not there anymore because that week was over, then look in the history page. All the things we ever shared will be there. Thanks!

Thank you fans.